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Self Storage in Morgantown, WVVIEW RATES


In need of a storage space to call your own? Exit 1 Storage is a temperature controlled storage facility, conveniently located off Interstate 68 and Exit 1 in Morgantown, WV. Here at Exit 1 Storage we pride ourselves by providing our customers with the highest quality storage experience. Witness the high tier security and top level amenities we offer here at Exit 1 Storage. The first thing you will notice upon arriving at our location is the professional staff who are always willing to accommodate any storage needs! If you are in need of a storage space, consider Exit 1 Storage where we make storage easy.


  • 3 floors of storage units; there is a variety of units to choose from
  • All temperature controlled
  • 24-hour surveillance w/48 cameras
  • Music playing 24/7 for relaxed, friendly atmosphere
  • 24-hour access
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • USB ports at every electrical plug-in to charge your devices



View our Storage Tips page for ways to get the most out of your unit.


View our FAQs page for answers to all our frequently asked questions.


View our Size Guide to get a better idea of what fits in each unit.


Pam Shuttlesworth
4 Days Ago
Steve Fuir
2 Months Ago
Exit 1 Storage in Morgantown, WV is awesome! They offer climate controlled storage units. The facility is very modern and very clean. James was very helpful with renting storage unit. They also offer a fleet of U-Haul trucks and other vehicles for rent. Susie was very helpful with renting a U-Hall truck. A huge thank you to Exit 1 Storage!
Jacob Gardner
5 Months Ago
I own Country Roads Moving LLC based in Fairmont WV and we are in and out of this facility several times a month. It’s always clean. Secure. And has top notch customer service. 10/10
Melissa McKenna
8 Months Ago
Exceptionally clean facility and wonderful staff! Bonus points for using geothermal to manage the climate in the facility! We also rented a U-Haul truck from here for a day. Very easy process and the truck was clean and in good service.
10 Months Ago
There was a situation and the owners handled it quickly and appropriately with the utmost respect toward me as a customer. This storage facility is safe, easily accessible, and very clean. The Uhaul I rented drove very well and was also very clean. The only negative is there is no restroom and it is difficult having to leave to find one while moving in/out. Past that my storage items are exactly as I left them, clean, dry, and protected.
Dan Soeder
11 Months Ago
Clean storage units are well-cared for, inside the building, and climate controlled. 24 hour access with a key code and your own lock on the individual unit. The storage is a little more expensive than outside shed units, but for items that are temperature or humidity sensitive, this place will work. Their truck and trailer rentals are also first rate. Staff is low-key and helpful, and the business is run very professionally.
Mike B.
11 Months Ago
Great place for U-Haul rentals. No issues.
Zack Gee
11 Months Ago
Super friendly, fast service. Wish all uhual spots were this good.
Gemma Vincent (Mama Bear)
8/3/23 Update: In my original review, I stated that I was frustrated as my 22 year old asked to use the restroom in the middle of moving everything we owned into storage and James refused stating there was no public restroom. We were exhausted and paying movers by the hour, and she had to leave and drive a mile or so down the road to the store just to use the bathroom. Not to mention, it was the start of her monthly so that made it even more difficult especially with the cramping pain. After I posted the review, the owner responded and stated there was now a public restroom. There ISN'T as of today 8/3/23 see below. I've been paying $150/month to rent a storage unit for 11 months. After driving for 3 hours, I just went in to check my stuff in storage and asked James to use the restroom. Yet again James abruptly refused to let me use the restroom stating "we have a restroom but its not a public restroom theres to much stuff back there." There was another female adult in the office.listening to the conversation and I was humiliated. I had my service dog with me in the car and I knew I could trust leaving her in the car with the a/c running while I went in to use the restroom in there. Now, I have to wait until tonight when it's cool enough outside to crack the windows and leave her in the car while I run in somewhere just to use the restroom. I don't know how the city approved this building without a public restroom but I will be notifying them. When I had arrived there was no one in the office so I walked down the hall and saw a man sitting at a desk in a chair on a phone in one his storage unit officing out of his storage unit. I asked him if he worked there and he said no. So I guess that is ok?? I wonder if hes allowed to use the restroom? On another note, as I have rented storage from Exit 1 for a year, I asked James if he could help in maybe offering a free month to which he smugly stated no it's just month to month.
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Facility Address:

445 Hornbeck Rd
Morgantown, WV 26508

Office Hours:

Monday-Sunday 9am - 4pm

Phone Number:

(304) 202-1171

Gate Hours: